Gulf Industrials - African focused industrial mineral developer.


Gulf Industrials

Gulf’s current focus is on a highly-sought gold mining area near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana, West Africa.

The Gbane Project, a joint venture with Cassius Mining Limited’s key gold exploration project, is currently in the advanced stages of exploration and plans to commence mining operations in the near future.

Gulf continues to seek target niche opportunities in the industrial minerals sector in Africa and the Indian Ocean Rim countries.

The strategy is to identify, acquire and develop low capital expenditure projects that can be brought into production in the near term, providing an underpinning cash flow to grow the company and create value for all stakeholders.

Gulf also owns an undeveloped high quality Limestone Project on the South West coast of Madagascar. The Soalara Calcaire Project situated adjacent to a former (colonial) port facility and is 30km south of the major regional centre of Toliara.


ASX Listed

Gulf Industrials Ltd (ACN 115 027 033) is an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: GLF). The company was incorporated as and Australian public company on June 30, 2005 and listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) on 10 August 2006.


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