Gulf Industrials - African focused industrial mineral developer.

Gulf Industrials

Gulf Industrials is an African focused industrial mineral developer with exploration and development assets in Uganda and Madagascar.

About Madagascar Resources Sector

Madagascar’s resource and mining sector has evolved from an artesian mining origin. It was significantly developed by exploration for resources by the colonial French who established a semi-industrial mineral operation leading to the creation of a strong geological survey.

Madagascar has recently adopted a new Mining Code which was supported by the World Bank and has greatly reformed and improved the industry for mining and exploration operations. This has seen the development of new maps and production of new regional geophysical and geochemical data. It has also seen the introduction of an attractive mining tax model and establishment of a modern digital cadastral title system.

Recent investments in Madagascar include the $6.0 billion Ambatovy (Sherritt International) nickel project and the $800 million QMM (Rio Tinto) mineral sands project. Other potential developments include, World Titanium Resources’s Toliara Sands Project, Energizer’s large Molo Graphite Project and several substantial Coal, Iron and Bauxite projects.

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Gulf Industrials Ltd (ACN 115 027 033) is an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: GLF). The company was incorporated as and Australian public company on June 30, 2005 and listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) on 10 August 2006.


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